Revitalising Body Scrub (285g)

A luxurious scrub infused with citrus oils and Himalayan salt


Our Revitalising body scrub is a curated blend of botanicals, citrus fruits and Himalayan pink salt, carefully formulated to cleanse and polish your skin and leave it feeling silky-smooth feel. With its warming, earthy, and refreshing aroma, this scrub combines the scents of citrus and cardamom to invigorate your senses, support blood circulation, and aid natural detoxification.

The luxurious combination of Himalayan salt, seaweed, and orange peel acts as a powerful trio of cleansers and exfoliants, elevating your skin's texture and appearance. Further enriched with calendula-infused oil and powdered calendula flowers, this scrub offers a holistic range of benefits for skin repair and maintenance. It purifies, nourishes, and soothes the skin, relieving any soreness while uplifting your spirits. Ideal for use at the beginning of a shower or during a bath, this is the weekly indulgence your skin craves and deserves for its luxurious nourishment and repair.

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Gently exfoliates and purifies the skin whilst nourishing it

Supports the skin’s natural healing, regeneration and detoxification processes

Tones, soothes and nourishes the skin, revealing a natural glow and vibrancy

Uplifts the spirits with a festive, cheerful zesty and spicy fragrance

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