Supporting Male Health With Herbs and Natural Products

Supporting Male Health With Herbs and Natural Products

Our culture doesn’t encourage men to take a holistic approach and prioritise their health. In fact, apart from fitness content and sexual health, there’s very little guidance out there to support men’s wellbeing. 

The British Medical Journal reports that women between the age of 16-60 are twice as likely as men to see a doctor if they’re worried about their health. This reflects a wider attitude — that while women are encouraged and expected to take an active role in their wellbeing, men are not. A study by the Doctor Patient Partnership shows how serious this issue is: men often feel unable to share their health concerns until it’s too late for them to receive effective treatment. 

Shifting perspectives on men’s health isn’t just about illness and doctor visits. It starts with self-care and taking steps to put you in control of your own wellness. If you know your body better, you’ll be much more likely to notice when something isn’t right; and a more active approach to your health will make it less likely that you’ll become unwell in the first place. 


In this blog, we will be exploring the following questions: 

  • How can herbs help boost your energy levels?
  • Can you improve your focus and memory retention with herbal medicine? 
  • Which herbs can help enhance libido? 
  • What natural approaches can support recovery, reduce soreness and fatigue after exercise? 
  • What is the role of rest, meditation and reflection in vibrant health? 



Here are three ways you can use the power of herbs to improve your wellbeing, increase your energy, and strengthen your body awareness. 

1. Notice Dips in Energy or Focus, and Add Health-Supportive Herbs to Your Diet

If you regularly feel low on energy or find it hard to concentrate for longer than a few minutes, adding certain herbs to your diet could give you the boost you need to feel revitalised and focused. 

The key here is noticing. You can start to practice awareness of how you’re doing by pausing to check in once or twice a day. When do you feel an energy lag? Do you feel foggy or distracted at the same time of day, every day? 

When you become aware of the patterns in your physical and mental energy, you can choose plant-based nutrients to help — or if you have no idea where to start, opt for a health consultation with a medical herbalist to benefit from a detailed herbal prescription, tailored to your needs.

To add a herbal boost to your daily diet with ease, we recommend the Zen Maitri Male Vitality Tincture. It includes ashwagandha to balance male hormones, increase energy, enhance mental and physical resilience to stress, support muscle endurance, and promote libido; tulsi (also known as holy basil) to relieve stress and anxiety, enhance cognition and support the immune system; and ginkgo to improve cognitive function, including memory. 

2. Exercise and Support Your Recovery

Time and time again, exercise has been proven to improve general health and reduce the chances of illness. You don’t have to shred in the gym every day (unless you want to — we absolutely support that too!), but moving your body on a regular basis will improve your physical and mental health.

Different forms and exercise intensity work for men at different stages in their lives. And whether your workout of choice is a daily walk or run, a cycle, a swim, high-intensity cardio, or a weight-lifting regime; it’s crucial to support your recovery with good nutrition. 

A balanced diet is key here. And we suggest adding an extra lift to your diet with a herbal smoothie, specifically blended to support recovery, reduce soreness and fatigue, and replenish the vitamins and minerals you need for improved physical performance. Our Natural Pre-and Post-Workout Mix is made with a blend of seven herb and plant root ingredients that work together to:

  • Naturally promote physical performance, endurance and resilience
  • Stimulate circulation and increase blood and oxygen supply to the muscles and to the brain
  • Support recuperation and promote restful, restorative sleep
  • Help increase protein synthesis and replenish vitamins and minerals 

Stir this powder into your smoothie or shake each day, and know that your body is getting a powerful natural boost!

 3. Make Time to Rest, Meditate and Reflect

Finally, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of making time in your life for rest, reflection, and meditation. Studies show that meditation improves cognition and emotional regulation, and can prevent (or aid recovery from) depression and other mental health issues. 

And even if you don’t meditate, simply hitting the pause button and giving yourself time to unwind will reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body. This really does matter, because research has found, time and time again, that prolonged stress can cause illness and disease. 

So, how do you unwind? We recommend taking ten minutes each day to sip a cup of Male Vitality Tea. Not only will it carve out that space to slow down and settle into the present moment, but this tea is also rich in herbs to support male health; including damiana, a nervous system tonic that can help with stress and anxiety and uplift the mood, as well as helping increase libido; and liquorice, which supports your liver, adrenal function and improves digestion. 

Your Health Matters

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get proactive about your wellbeing. Because health isn’t just about preventing illness — it’s about having a long, active, productive and happy life. 

Take a look at our Man Essentials collection for more natural products to help you live better.

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