Herbal Syrups

Herbal Syrups

Herbal syrups are a delicious, soothing and enjoyable way to take herbal medicine. They move slowly down the oesophagus, allowing time to soothe the throat and the upper gastrointestinal tract, and allowing for reflex soothing to the lungs. Because they are sweet, herbal syrups are also a great way to introduce herbal medicine to children. We've blended and bottled the soothing, restorative power of herbs and botanicals to create a range of syrups that you can call on. All of our herbal syrups are made with all-natural ingredients. Explore our natural cough syrup and our immune-boosting echinacea and elderberry syrup below. 
      3 products

      3 products

      Cough Syrup | For Sore Throat Support
      Echinacea & Elderberry Syrup | For Immunity Support
      Elderberry Syrup | Immunity Support for Children

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      Herbal syrups are a perfect way to preserve herbs for consumption over time, while also offering properties that are soothing for the throat. Syrups move slowly down the oesophagus, allowing time to soothe the throat and the upper gastrointestinal tract, and allowing for reflex soothing to the lungs. Syrups can thereby be a very relevant way to dispense expectorant cough medicines. Because they tend to be sweet, herbal syrups are a great way to introduce herbal medicine to children. Those with diabetes or insulin sensitivity should however avoid herbal syrups.

      Zen Maitri carries two herbal syrups: a powerfully anti infective, expectorant and soothing Cough Syrup and an immune-boosting Echinacea & Elderberry Syrup to keep colds and flus at bay.
      Our Cough Syrup has been carefully crafted to relieve cough symptoms. It's a delicious and potent blend of marshmallow root, liquorice, and thyme that soothes the throat, eases inflammation and helps the body combat infections, thanks to natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. This syrup is a non-drowsy, alcohol-free formula that supports the body to fight colds, flus and other respiratory infections. Its actions work to ease coughs of all kinds: dry, tickly, chesty, catarrh and whooping. With just three powerful herbs and the addition of sugar syrup for good measure, it’s a Winter cupboard essential for you and your family!
      Zen Maitri’s Cough Syrup is a sugar based syrup made of three key herbs:
      • Liquorice: One of the most well-loved and commonly used herbs with myriad benefits, liquorice is in our cough syrup for its ability to soothe respiratory infections. It can also ease the symptoms of dry coughs and bronchitis.
      • Thyme: Thyme is an antiviral and antibacterial herb that helps clear your respiratory system and sinuses of infections, irritation and inflammation. It supports the healing of respiratory infections and soothes coughs.
      • Marshmallow root: Marshmallow root is an extremely gentle and softening herb, offering a soothing natural remedy to sore throats and dry, irritating coughs. It also works to aid the body in expelling excess mucus, soothing discomfort and that nasty congested feeling.

      • It also contains water, sugar and vegetable glycerine for preservation.
      A herbal cough syrup is a natural botanical recipe that can effectively address coughs for children and adults without any of the usual drowsiness often associated with over-the-counter syrups. Our Cough Syrup is a great natural alternative, simply made with a sugar syrup of marshmallow root, liquorice and thyme to soothe the throat, ease inflammation and combat infections.
      Herbal syrups are generally made by making a strong decoction (boiling herbs in water) of the herbs you would like to make the syrup from, gently reducing it by applying low heat, adding sugar to the reduced decoction and mixing well until all the sugar is dissolved.
      Echinacea has an antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic effect, stimulating a healthy immune response against germs. It does this by increasing the number of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells eradicate bacteria, dead viruses and dead cells. This versatile herb improves your resistance to infections and viruses. Echinacea is also useful for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne.

      Echinacea is one of two key ingredients in our Echinacea & Elderberry Syrup, which offers a robust herbal line of defence against harmful germs.
      Elderberry is an immune-boosting herb that supports your body in coping with colds, flus, tonsillitis, sinusitis and other infections. It can reduce the length of time you have the cold or flu. It’s thought to inhibit viral replication within cells, and if the virus is less able to replicate, you can recover more quickly. Elderberry is high in vitamin C, quercetin, iron and flavonoids like anthocyanin, which give the berry its beautiful deep purple colour. Elderberry provides essential nutrients for your immune health. Elderberry soothes the respiratory system, easing the symptoms of colds, flus and respiratory infections like a sore throat, cough and fever.
      Echinacea & Elderberry Syrup is a great addition to your winter routine to support optimal immune function. Echinacea and elderberry have potent immune-boosting abilities. These herbs support your immune system function and help your body fight and recover from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. This blend is ideal for those who are susceptible to colds and flus.