About Zen Maitri

Below are some common questions we're asked about who we are and what we do. For more depth you can head on over to our Vision page.

We have taken the ancient meaning of “Zen Maitri” which translates to “Loving Kindness” and have sought to understand its application to the current world in which we live. Loving Kindness today means using all of the modern resources available to us to take care of ourselves and other beings. In terms of natural health, Zen Maitri is harnessing the power gifted to us by nature in herbal remedies (physiological healing), food/nutrition and meditation (mental healing work) so that we all become healthier, stronger, fitter, kinder, positive, energised and more loving.

Zen Maitri is renowned for its herbal remedies targeting a broad spectrum of conditions and its expert-driven health consultations that empower clients to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Our store is located in Chiswick, West London, right in the centre of our beautiful buzzing community of Turnham Green Terrace. We have been told that it is a haven amidst London’s hustle and bustle and we would love to see you there so do pop by!

You can contact us here.

We ship to the UK, Europe, the United States, and most countries around the world. Please contact us to check if you are unsure.

Zen Maitri Products & Services

The majority of our herbs are sourced from Europe, from the best organic and sustainable farms. Some herbs, that only grow in certain conditions, are sourced from further afield, such as the Americas or Asia.

Yes, we offer three types of consultations for clients: (1) The Natural Health Consultation, which is a comprehensive dive into your health and wellbeing needs with one of our Medical Herbalists (2) The Express Health Consultation is a shorter version of the Natural Health Consultation and is ideal if you are a short on time and you have a less complex health condition (3) Nutrition Consultation gives you the chance to learn how to improve your nutrition to meet your health and wellbeing goals with our expert Nutritionist and Dietician.

Yes we do! Please see our herbal tea collection or contact us for more information on your specific requirements.

Not for every case. Some simple or short term complaints/conditions may have simple solutions. But it is recommended you have a consultation in order to find the most appropriate prescription for you. Often there are underlying conditions or connected ailments which may not be apparent to the patient but would be to a Medical Herbalist and so consultations are important in understanding the big picture of a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Yes, we blend our teas in-house using original recipes in the apothecary. Our teas are packed with only the best herbs and plants and are carefully made in small batches by our team of Medical Herbalists.

Yes, you can freely consult our Medical Herbalists at any time for nutritional advice. But if you want an in-depth assessment of your nutrition needs, then we recommend you doing a Nutrition Consultation with our Nutritionist and Dietician.

Yes we do! We specialise in making natural products just for your individual health needs. Personalised products are usually made after you have done a consultation with us so please get in touch to book one. We are also always happy and available to have a quick chat so do connect with us.

Herbal Medicine and Natural Supplements

Absolutely - our Medical Herbalists, who make up our supplements, are fully qualified and between them have over half a century of experience. We also ensure that we use the highest quality, organic, minimally processed and safest plants and herbs in our supplements. Where necessary, we provide warnings when certain herbal supplements can't be taken alongside conventional medications.

Yes we do. We believe that mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition are essential for happy and productive people. You can find out more here.

Herbal remedies were the main source of medicine available in the UK up until as recently as the 1930s, and 25% of modern pharmaceutical medicines available today were originally discovered and derived from plants.

Modern scientific research has demonstrated the effectiveness of many plants for a wide range of ailments and there is considerable and growing scientific evidence and research on the benefits and effectiveness of specific herbal remedies.

The process of making plant remedies occurs through minimal processing to preserve the active constituents of the plant. This processing usually includes drying fresh herbs, cutting them into a tea or grinding them into powder. Liquid herbal remedies known as herbal tinctures are made by soaking the dried or fresh herbs in alcohol for extraction and preservation.

They work in a similar way to conventional medicine by having an effect on cell signalling, such as hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes and other processes and functions. The difference with herbal remedies is that their action focuses on bringing the body back into balance (an individual's set point) which is also called homeostasis. An example of this is Hawthorn normalising blood pressure and Meadowsweet normalising stomach acid levels.

Almost all conditions can be supported with herbal remedies and they can be used preventatively as well as for active conditions. For the best outcome, it is advisable to have a consultation with a Medical Herbalist to obtain the most appropriate and bespoke herbs for you and your condition(s).

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years across the globe, spanning a multitude of cultures and hemispheres. There is a growing body of evidence and research on the effectiveness of using herbs and plants to help relieve conditions.

For example, some herbs, such as andrographis, which has proved to be effective at fighting respiratory infections, is currently being trialed by the NHS to explore whether it should be prescribed, in some cases, instead of antibiotics.

The herbal products prescribed by a qualified Medical Herbalist are always safe. Natural does not always mean safe but a Medical Herbalist will always ensure a safe form is given and is appropriate for the individual person and their particular needs, including giving consideration to any other medicines a patient is already taking, whether prescription medicines or otherwise.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking herbs if you are taking prescription medicine or have a serious, long-standing or complicated condition. Medical herbalists will, however,  always ensure that the herbs you take are safe and appropriate.

No. We would strongly advise that you always check with your doctor first before you stop any medication.  Our Medical Herbalists will be able to advise you on any potential interaction between medication and herbs but they will always recommend you speak to your doctor before you stop taking any medication.

Yes, but doses will differ and certain herbs will not be appropriate. Have a chat with our team to ensure the most suitable herbs are chosen.

Yes, but only certain herbs are safe and Medical Herbalists prefer not to give herbs in the first trimester unless under exceptional circumstances. The small doses of usual food herbs found in cooking are appropriate. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Generally herbal remedies have very few side effects when taken appropriately. The majority of side effects reported include mild headache and some digestive discomfort but this is usually rectified by lowering the dose or using a different herb to achieve the same outcome. 

Herbalists don’t tend to view herbs as equivalent to antibiotics. Strong antimicrobial herbs include Goldenseal Root, Barberry Root, Echinacea Root and Elderberry. The benefits of herbal antimicrobials are that the beneficial gut flora is usually not changed after taking herbal remedies.