Lemongrass and Ginger Tea


45g / 25 servings.

This blend of lemongrass, ginger and lemon balm is fragrant, refreshing and uplifting. Earthy, zesty and spicy, this tea is soothing and comforting, and it also helps improve circulation, concentration and digestion — without any caffeine. As well as being downright delicious, this herbal blend is naturally antimicrobial, so it helps keep any infections at bay and supports your immunity.


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Uplift and refresh your day with a cup of this zesty and spicy blend

Comforting and soothing; eases tension and lifts the spirits

Supports circulation and digestion, helping oxygenate tissues and awaken body and mind

Supports healthy immune function and helps prevent infections thanks to natural antimicrobial properties

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Herbalist Note

"A Warming & Uplifting Blend of Herbs"

A refreshing warming blend to uplift your spirits and calm tension
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