Women’s Health Essentials

Contents: Female Vitality Supplements (60 Caps), Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix (150g), Female Vitality Tea (40g)


Our Women's Health Essentials bundle provides a multifaceted approach to nurturing the feminine body and spirit. It includes our Female Vitality Tea, our Female Vitality Supplements, and our Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix, to promote healthy energy levels, ease stress, balance hormones and maintain vitality.

The deliciously floral tea and the adaptogenic supplements cater to a spectrum of needs – from promoting restful sleep, managing stress, supporting digestion, to promoting hormone balance. Each capsule of our Female Vitality Supplements is packed with botanicals like shatavari, liquorice, rose and calendula, chosen for their ability to elevate energy, support digestion, and promote hormonal harmony, addressing concerns from stress to digestion and libido. The Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix helps rejuvenate tired muscles after workout. This set aims to provide a well-rounded, natural approach to women's well-being.

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