Female Vitality Tincture | Everyday Wellness & Hormonal Balance (100ml)


20 servings (5ml per serving)

Our Female Vitality Tincture provides a nourishing blend of herbs to support women with the demands of modern life. It contains shatavari, calendula, rose, liquorice and meadowsweet. It can be taken daily to increase energy levels, support digestion, ease stress and anxiety, support restful and restorative sleep and balance reproductive hormone levels. Thanks to its hormone-balancing effects, this tincture promotes fertility and libido while helping you maintain balance during your monthly cycle (including pre-menstrual syndrome), or the menopause.

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Balances female hormone levels, helping to ease concerns linked to libido, PMS, menstrual cycle, menopause or fertility

Helps alleviate stress and anxiety

Uplifts the mood and boosts energy levels

Promotes deeper, more restorative sleep

Enhances digestion

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