Pregnancy Tea | For Expecting Mothers

Uterus-toning, mood-enhancing herbs for a smooth and happy pregnancy


35g / 25 servings.

Our Pregnancy Tea is a delicious, relaxing, and nutritious herbal blend that brings comfort and nourishment throughout the latter two trimesters of pregnancy. Chosen for their nutritional value, taste and ability to ease the rigours of child-bearing, these soothing, healing, nourishing, uterus-toning and mood-enhancing herbs will support a smooth and happy pregnancy.


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Rich in a range of vitamins and minerals to keep mum and baby healthy

Tones and strengthens the uterine tissue to facilitate labour

Calms, relaxes, supports the nervous system

Eases nausea and promotes digestion and nutrient absorption

Helps soothes any irritation or inflammation (for example along the digestive tract)

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