Period Pain Essentials

Contents: Menstrual Support Tea (40g), Menstrual Balm (20g), Menstrual Support Tincture (100ml)


Navigating through the distress of menstrual pain can be challenging for many. The physiological processes during one's cycle can lead to pain, cramps, and emotional shifts, among other uncomfortable symptoms. Our Period Pain Essentials bundle, including our Menstrual Balm, Menstrual Support Tea, and Menstrual Support Tincture, was designed to target these challenges. While primarily focused on menstrual pain, this trio also addresses emotional shifts (e.g., irritability, teariness, stress), physical discomforts like bloating, soreness and fatigue, hormonal imbalances leading to sleep and digestive disturbances, and pelvic congestion by promoting balanced blood flow.

The balm soothes physical discomfort; the tea, imbued with renowned painkilling, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, relaxing and gentle uterine tonic herbs, offers a calming respite that balances and uplifts; while the concentrated tincture offers targeted, rapid relief. Consider this bundle your trusted companion, meticulously crafted to support and ease your menstrual journey.

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