New Mother's Bath Salts

Gentle care and recovery for the pelvic floor and uterus. Suitable for dry, oily and combination (oily-dry) skin



Our New Mother's Bath Salts are a gentle and relaxing way to cleanse, soothe and support your body after birth. This pampering blend combines wonderful healing herbs such as calendula and yarrow, but also lady’s mantle and uva ursi, which support recovery in the pelvic area and the female reproductive system. These bath salts support the healing process, alleviate pain, prevent any infections, ease inflammation and irritation, and relieve spasms and cramps. They will also support healthy circulation and gently tone and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and uterus.

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Supports the healing process and eases pain after childbirth

Prevents and supports the body in dealing with infection, inflammation or irritation

Tones and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and uterus

A delightfully relaxing scent of lavender, rose geranium and chamomile for a pampering experience

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