New Mum Essentials

Contents: New Mother's Bath Salts (500g), New Mum Tea (25g), Stretch Mark & Scar Oil (50ml)


Our New Mum Essentials Bundle has been curated to cater to the unique needs of a new mother through the postpartum healing journey, ensuring she feels cared for during this transformative phase of her life. Our New Mum Tea nourishes her from within, helping to restore vitality and balance, while the New Mother's Bath Salts create a luxurious and restorative bathing experience to ease any physical discomfort and promote relaxation.

Our Stretch Mark & Scar Oil is a testament to the incredible journey her body has undertaken, offering deep hydration and healing to her changing skin. These products, each with their distinct benefits, come together harmoniously, ensuring that the new mum feels rejuvenated, relaxed, and cherished.

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