Nappy Rash Essentials

Contents: Cooling Cream (60ml), Skin Saver Balm (60ml), Baby Massage Oil (100ml)


For parents, nurturing baby's delicate skin is a top priority. These Nappy Rash Essentials tackle common skin issues such as nappy rash, eczema or dryness, ensuring that baby remains comfortable, soothed, and smiling. In those tender moments of parent-child bonding, our Baby Massage Oil enriches baby’s skin thanks to soothing, healing extracts of calendula and chickweed, ensuring optimal moisture and comfort.

Following this, the Cooling Cream provides an immediate sense of relief to any nappy rash flare-ups, thanks to its potent mix of calendula, chickweed and Roman chamomile. Last but not least our Skin Saver Balm steps in to provide that extra protective layer baby’s skin needs, guarding against environmental stressors while soothing any existing irritations.

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