Morning, Day & Night Smoothie Essentials

Contents: Calming Cacao (150g), Spiced Cacao (150g), Rise & Shine Mix (150g)


Our Morning, Day & Night Smoothie Essentials is a selection of natural plant-based smoothie blends to support your health and wellbeing from dawn to dusk. Start your day with our Rise & Shine Mix, a potent blend of traditional herbs, spices and superfoods inspired by the traditional Balinese drink, Jamu. As the day unfolds, delight in the Spiced Cacao, a spicy twist on the beloved hot chocolate. As the night draws near, let our Calming Cacao envelop you in its relaxing embrace and aid a restful sleep. Together, these blends offer a balanced mix of nourishment, vitality, and tranquillity - ready to be added to your daily ritual!

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