Menstrual Support Tea (40g)

A powerful blend for period pain relief and hormone support


30 servings.

Our gentle and soothing Menstrual Support Tea combines hormone-balancing and pain relieving herbs to provide comfort and relief throughout your period. This herbal blend is an ideal companion for navigating the shifts your body goes through each month. It's been developed by our team with powerful natural ingredients - including raspberry leaf, ginger, chamomile, and lemon balm - to help you embrace (and perhaps reconcile with) your natural monthly variations. This blend brings balance to your mood, energy levels, and hormone changes - and most importantly, works to ease PMS pain and discomfort.


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Helps soothe pain, cramps, spasms, inflammation and discomfort, particularly in the pelvic area

Eases congestion and gently strengthens and tones the uterus

Uplifts the mood, helps ease irritability, teariness and insomnia

Helps balance the menstrual flow

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