Menstrual Cycle Essentials

Contents: Menstrual Support Tea (40g), Menstrual Support Tincture (100ml), Heal The Heart Oil (10ml)


The ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle bring not just physiological but also emotional shifts. Our Menstrual Cycle Essentials bundle has been curated to offer natural support throughout your monthly cycle. The Menstrual Support Tea and Tincture work in harmony to balance hormonal fluctuations and soothe cramps, spasms and inflammation. They also help reduce uterine congestion, support pelvic circulation and uplift the mood, alleviating common menstrual concerns like pain, emotional variability, digestive complaints and sleep disturbances to promote a more harmonious and comfortable cycle.

Their synergy is enhanced by the Heal the Heart Oil, a nurturing aromatherapeutic oil blend created for emotional wellbeing. Infused with pure essential oils of rose geranium and frankincense, it’s designed to comfort, balance, and strengthen. This trio offers physical and emotional support during your menstrual journey.

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