Heal the Heart Essentials

Contents: Rose and Lemon Balm Tea (25g), Heal The Heart Oil (10ml), Vrindavan Incense (20 Sticks)


Journey into a sanctuary of emotional healing with support from our Heal the Heart Essentials bundle. Our medical herbalists have thoughtfully curated a selection of deeply soothing products that aim to comfort your heart during difficult times. The Rose and Lemon Balm Tea blend brings together the calming properties of rose, the delightful scent of jasmine, and the uplifting qualities of lemon balm to aid relaxation.

The Heal the Heart Oil, with rose geranium and rose absolute, provides aromatic solace to soothe emotional strain, while the Vrindavan Incense made with plants from the holy town of Vrindavan in India, encourages mental clarity and a meditative state. Whether you're coping with grief, navigating heartbreak, or simply seeking moments of emotional calm, these therapeutic blends are your allies, grounded in time-honoured traditions and with well-researched calming properties.

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