Headease Tea for Headeaches & Migraines (40g)

A powerful tea for headache relief


25 servings.

Our Headease Tea has been formulated to provide relief for all types of headaches — whether linked to tension, eye strain, sinus congestion or migraines. This blend of herbs improves blood flow to the head to ease pain and inflammation. It works to relax the nervous system and relieve stress, tension and irritability. This blend also supports the improvement of other symptoms often associated with headaches such as indigestion, insomnia and foggy-mindedness.


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Helps improve blood flow to the head, providing nourishment and oxygenation of the tissues and soothing inflammation and pain

Promotes relaxation and eases stress, tension, anxiety and irritability

Helps enhance focus, concentration and memory retention

Supports restful sleep and enhances digestion — both of which are often affected by headaches

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