Focus Tincture | For Cognitive Support


100ml = 20 servings (5ml per serving)

Our Focus Tincture is made with a powerful blend of concentrated herbs linked with mental clarity, concentration, memory, and cognitive health. This caffeine-free liquid herbal extract enhances focus and works to resolve underlying issues that might be making concentration more difficult, like stress, a lack of sleep, or anxiety. Our Focus Tincture makes it easy to harness the fast-acting mental benefits of ginkgo leaf, brahmi, gotu kola, tulsi, rosemary, and frankincense. It’s been developed by our team of herbalists to support those who need to stay sharp while studying or working for long hours.

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Supports microvascular circulation in the brain, boosting brain activity

Improves memory retention, concentration and alertness

Reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy levels and uplifts the mood

Stimulates mental performance but without any caffeine

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Herbalist Note

"A natural caffeine alternative designed to boost your concentration and focus"

A blend of botanicals to increase blood flow and circulation to the brain, which in turn gives you mental clarity and improved alertness
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