Focus & Memory Essentials

Contents: Focus Supplements (60 Caps), Brain Power Mix (150g), Focus Tea (40g), Focus Pulse Point (10ml)


Unlock your brain's true potential with the Focus & Memory Essentials bundle. Each product in this set is formulated by our medical herbalists to promote better concentration, focus and memory retention, with only carefully chosen natural botanicals. From the centuries-old wisdom of Ginkgo and Brahmi to the refreshing clarity of Peppermint and Rosemary, each sip of our Focus Tea brings your mind closer to its optimum capability.

Our handy Brain Power Mix can be added to smoothies or shakes for a cognitive boost to your morning, and the Focus Supplements offer a practical way to integrate the goodness of these natural concentration enhancers into your day-to-day. Plus, for aromatherapy-powered clarity on demand, our Focus Pulse Point is an on-the-go oil blend, perfect for instant mental refreshment. Whether you or a loved one is gearing up for an exam, navigating a tight work deadline, or simply seeking a clearer, sharper day, this bundle is your go-to natural cognitive toolkit.

Capsules consist of 30 days supply.

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