Focus Supplements | For Daily Cognitive Support


60 capsules / 30 days supply.

Our Focus Supplements are expertly formulated to boost cognitive performance — ideal for scenarios requiring enhanced concentration such as exam preparation or intensive work periods. Ingredients like Ginkgo and Gotu Kola are known for their cerebral vasodilating effects, improving blood flow to the brain to alleviate fatigue and enhance focus. Ayurvedic herbs such as Shankhpushpi and Brahmi provide comprehensive nervous system support, enhancing memory and reducing stress. Tulsi, an adaptogen, is nourishing and balancing, particularly useful during high-stress scenarios, while Rosemary works to relax arterial walls, improve cerebral circulation, and sharpen mental clarity. Overall, this synergistic formula heightens alertness, reinforces memory retention, and helps to alleviate stress, thereby uplifting mood and fostering a sense of energetic well-being.

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Enhances concentration, alertness and mental clarity

Supports memory retention

Eases fatigue and stress, uplifts the mood and promotes healthy energy levels

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Herbalist Note

"A natural caffeine alternative designed to boost your concentration and focus"

A blend of botanicals to increase blood flow and circulation to the brain, which in turn gives you mental clarity and improved alertness
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