Natural Energy Essentials

Contents: Rise & Shine Mix (150g), Balinese Moringa Powder (150g), Energise Tea (60g)


Our Natural Energy Essentials is a curated selection to address lethargy and low energy. Inspired by the traditional Balinese Jamu drink, our Rise and Shine Mix helps kickstart your day without caffeine, with a robust blend of warming and immune-supporting herbs like turmeric, ginger, and moringa. Our Balinese Moringa Powder, sustainably sourced from Zen Resort Bali, introduces the incredible nutrient density of the "miracle tree", equipping you with vitamins and antioxidants unparalleled by other foods. Completing the triad is our Energise Tea, a green, zesty and spicy fusion of circulation-boosting, energising and balancing herbs.

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Boosts your energy levels without caffeine

Supports brain function & concentration

Improve physical endurance

Reduces stress

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Herbalist Note

"Boost your energy levels and alertness with invigorating herbs"

An uplifting blend of herbs to promote vitality and enhance your energy levels with slow release caffeine and calming theanine in the tea
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