Dry Skin Essentials

Contents: Hydrating Cream (60ml), Miracle Moringa Face Oil (30ml), Skin Saver Balm (60g)


Combatting dry skin requires a multidimensional approach involving hydration, nourishment, and protection. Our Dry Skin Essentials bundle is a holistic skincare package, curated to rejuvenate parched skin. Our Miracle Moringa Face Oil brings a host of plant-derived benefits to restore skin’s radiance and elasticity, ideal for both day and night use. To complement its effects, our Hydrating Cream, enhanced with chickweed and calendula, dives deep to soothe and provide intensive moisture. Lastly, the Skin Saver Balm acts as a barrier and remedy for any dry spots, rashes, or irritations, ensuring skin remains calm, supple, and resilient.

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