Breathe Tea for Respiratory Support (80g)


30 servings.

Our Breathe tea is a herbal blend that supports your respiratory system and its resilience to colds and flus. It helps you breathe more easily and deeply, especially during the colder months or if you have a respiratory condition such as asthma or bronchitis. It helps soothe any respiratory issues and provides extra protection during the winter months with its immune-boosting, antimicrobial, softening and anti-inflammatory properties. The dominant flavour in our Breathe tea is the fresh, woody and warming taste of thyme and rosemary.


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Elecampane and plantain help to relieve excess mucus

Marshmallow root is soothing and anti-inflammatory

Echinacea boosts your natural immunity

Thyme and rosemary are antibacterial, antiseptic, and help strengthen lung function

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Herbalist Note

"Botanical blend for lung support including colds, flu and all types of cough"

Supports and strengthens your respiratory system and its resilience to colds, flus and viruses
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