Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix with Cordyceps| Herbal Enhancer for Protein Shakes

Boost Your Protein Shake: An essential herb mix for enhanced muscle recovery and performance.


150g = 30 days supply (5g per serving)

Our Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix is a plant-based powder developed to complement your post-workout protein shakes. By integrating this botanical mix into your shake, you can optimise muscle performance and recovery, whether pre- or post-workout. Each natural ingredient has been chosen for its ability to support recuperation, alleviate soreness and fatigue, and replenish vital vitamins and minerals. This blend not only elevates the nutritional value of your protein shake but also fortifies your immune system, enhances joint health, and helps your body manage physical and mental stress.

Simply add this mix to your daily shake or smoothie for a natural nutritional boost that complements and enhances the muscle recovery benefits of your shake. Embrace a natural approach to fitness and wellness with this potent, herb-infused blend.

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Antioxidant- and nutrient-rich Moringa supports muscle repair post-workout

Anti-inflammatory Turmeric and Frankincense help alleviate muscle soreness

Cordyceps, Maca and Siberian Ginseng support energy recovery and immune function

Nettle and Lucuma, packed with minerals and vitamins, replenish the body’s nutrient reserves

Adaptogens Ashwagandha & Schisandra support mental and physical stress management

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