Menstrual Balm | For Period Pain Support

A soothing balm to ease period pain. Suitable for dry, oily and combination (oily-dry) skin



Our soothing Menstrual Balm brings relief, comfort and pampering to ease period pain. It has been carefully crafted to ease cramps, spasms, soreness, bloating and anxiety which accompany periods for so many women. We have infused a range of warming, relaxing, painkilling and antispasmodic herbs into a soothing and nourishing blend of jojoba, coconut and castor oil, and added a range of essential oils to create a beautifully effective and fragrant balm. Massage it onto your lower belly as and when needed. It has a sweet, floral, refreshing and spicy scent from the mix of medicinal herbs and essential oils included.

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Reduces menstrual pain, spasms, cramps and bloating

Eases inflammation, bringing comfort and relaxation with an uplifting scent

Enhances and balances blood flow, easing any congestion

Nourishes and soothes the skin

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