Vocal Ease Tincture for Voice Loss (100ml)


20 servings (5ml per serving)

Our Vocal Ease Tincture combines carefully selected herbs for singers, actors, public speakers, or anyone relying on vocal expression. This soothing recipe contains agrimony, raspberry leaf, sage, marshmallow root, wild indigo, mullein, sweet flag and Icelandic moss. It is the perfect antidote to vocal restriction and works to ease irritation and relieve discomfort. Just sip, gargle, and swallow as and when needed.

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Helps soothe pain, irritation and inflammation in the throat and oesophagus, gently toning the tissues of the area

Has a deeply soothing and relaxing effect on the throat, easing vocal strain and restriction

Helps soothe and cleanse the area and support the body in combating infections, as well as supporting immune system function

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