Throat Therapy Tea | For Cough Support


40g / 25 servings

Find relief with our Throat Therapy tea, carefully designed to provide comfort for sore throats and tickly coughs. This blend harnesses the power of select herbs known for their expectorant, antimicrobial, moistening, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Eucalyptus, mullein, peppermint, Icelandic moss, marshmallow leaves, liquorice root, and sage unite in a symphony of therapeutic effects, offering an effective natural remedy for throat discomfort and respiratory health. Each sip delivers a flavorful, soothing brew, capable of easing your symptoms and enhancing overall wellbeing.


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Alleviates throat discomfort through its moistening properties

Supports respiratory health with its expectorant and antimicrobial effects

Assists in body's natural healing processes

Provides a comforting, flavorful brew

Facilitates restful sleep, crucial for recuperation

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