Rose Absolute


20 sticks

Rose is the plant of love, of the emotional and physical heart. It is often used for those who struggle to protect their boundaries, those who have been through trauma, grief or sorrow. It comforts and softens the heart. It encourages us to love ourselves and be open to the love of others. Our rose absolute incense has a delicately sweet and deep fragrance which brings a sense of love, security, openness and relaxation. It promotes sleep, is gently anti-depressive and instils a feeling of peace, happiness and confidence. Our Rose absolute incense sticks are 100% natural and chemical-free. They are hand-rolled in small batches and ethically produced. Each stick burns for around 40 minutes.

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A delicately sweet and floral scent of rose, comforting and relaxing

Rose is the plant of love — it softens the heart and brings a sense of security, happiness and peace

100% natural and chemical free incense sticks

Hand-rolled in small batches and ethically produced

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