Respiratory Support Essentials

Contents: Breathe Easy Balm (60g), Breathe Tea (80g), Breathe Tincture (100ml)


The natural rhythm of breathing, so essential to life, can be compromised by factors like infections, cold weather, allergies, or respiratory conditions. Zen Maitri's Respiratory Support Essentials Bundle is designed to address this, ensuring that every inhalation and exhalation is as comfortable as nature intended, whether in the the aftermath of a cold or the harsh winter season.

Start with our Breathe Tea, rich with the earthy flavours of thyme and rosemary, strengthens lung function and boosts natural immunity. For an added layer of respiratory health, integrate our Breathe Tincture into your daily routine. This potent botanical blend ensures the respiratory system remains in its optimal state, especially during challenging seasonal changes. And for those moments when immediate relief is needed, our Breathe Easy Balm provides soothing topical relief with its refreshing blend of menthol and essential oils, helping ease coughs and clear mucus. This trio offers comprehensive support for your respiratory well-being.

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