Recovery Tea | For Cold & Flu Support


45g / 25 servings.

Dive into tradition and healing with our Recovery Tea. Rooted in age-old herbal blends, it has been revered across centuries for bolstering the immune system, especially in the face of colds, flus, coughs, and fevers. This is a delicious therapeutic blend that is perfect to help you recover in such instances. It enhances your natural defences to help ease these conditions effectively once they have begun. Savour the minty and floral richness of this tea while allowing its potent ingredients to stimulate perspiration (aiding fever reduction), comfort the respiratory tract, and enhance digestion.


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Provides relief from coughs, colds, flus, fevers once they have begun

Helps to decrease inflammation and irritation in the respiratory tract

Supports digestion, alleviating symptoms like bloating and indigestion

Tastes deliciously minty and floral

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Herbalist Note

"A blend of immune boosting herbs traditionally used to cool fevers during illness"

A refreshingly minty blend of immunity herbs
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