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Our Deep Sleep Supplements are made with powerful herbs and botanicals to help you unwind before bedtime. These natural sleep aids contain a soothing and relaxing blend of ashwagandha, vervain, valerian, chamomile, passionflower, lavender and nutmeg. The properties of these plants calm mind and body and promote a restorative night’s sleep. Include these natural supplements as part of your evening routine to promote rest and sleep better.

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Ashwagandha reduces stress, enhances mood and promotes relaxation

Passionflower eases anxiety and promotes deep sleep

Chamomile, lavender and valerian ease tension, muscle aches and digestive discomfort

Nutmeg is a warming spice that promotes sleep and soothes indigestion

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Herbalist Note

"Powerful botanical blend with natural sedatives to help you unwind, get to sleep and stay asleep"

A unique blend of botanicals that not only help with sleep but also quality of sleep without the groggy morning feeling
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