Nasya Oil | For Sinus Relief Supprt

A powerful Ayurvedic formula to open your airways and help you breathe better.



Nasya Oil is a powerful blend of eucalyptus, sesame oil, gotu kola leaf, and Himalayan rock salt. This Ayurvedic formula opens your airways and eases congestion. When inhaled, this oil blend works to clear your sinuses, protect the respiratory system, and open your lungs to help you take fuller, deeper breaths. Relieve any congestion you are battling and breathe better.

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Provides a physical barrier to block pollen and colds

Eucalyptus helps relieve blocked nasal passages

Soothes sinus irritation

Eases hay fever symptoms

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Herbalist Note

"A long-used antiseptic and anti inflammatory Ayurvedic formula for sinus relief. Blocked sinuses cause a catalogue of uncomfortable symptoms and our Naysa Oil can help clear your sinuses so you finally get some respite."

Ideal if you're suffering from sinusitis, hay fever, the common cold and other sinus-related issues.
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