Mushroom Superblend (80g)
Mushroom Superblend (80g)
Mushroom Superblend (80g)
Mushroom Superblend (80g)
Mushroom Superblend (80g)
Mushroom Superblend (80g)

Mushroom Superblend (80g)

High Extract Strength Powder of 8 carefully selected Medicinal Mushrooms


40 servings (2g per serving)

Our Mushroom Superblend is an all-natural, potent mix of selected organic mushrooms designed to meet your everyday needs in energy, immunity, focus and cognition. With a combination of carefully selected medicinal mushrooms, this blend is packed with beneficial properties that have been and continue to be deeply scientifically researched for promoting vibrant health and vitality.

Each mushroom in our blend plays a specific role to support your health and wellbeing goals. Among a host of other benefits, Reishi supports immune function, Chaga is a potent antioxidant, Maitake aids in metabolic health, Snow Fungus is known for skin hydration, Turkey Tail contributes to gut health, Oyster Mushroom has cardioprotective properties, Shiitake provides further immune support and Messima offers promising anticancer properties.

While they may have targeted actions in certain areas, each of these mushrooms also functions as an adaptogen, helping to increase the resilience of your body’s systems through any type of stress, and working holistically to enhance each other’s effects to promote overall balance and vitality.

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Promotes vibrant health and vitality with a range of beneficial compounds

Improves physical and mental resilience to stress

Supports focus, concentration and memory retention

Boosts immune function and physical endurance

Balances blood sugar and cholesterol levels

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