Joint and Muscle Supplements (60 Capsules)


30 days supply.

Our Joint and muscle supplements have been designed to enhance joint health and alleviate inflammation. Comprising an anti-inflammatory blend of turmeric, ginger, frankincense, devil's claw, rosehip, and celery seeds, these capsules are not only ideal for those experiencing discomfort, stiffness, or pain in joints and muscles, but are also very helpful to speed up recovery from injuries like strains or sprains. Whether you're managing an inflammatory condition like arthritis, recovering from an injury or simply seeking to improve your overall movement and flexibility during training, this supplement offers a targeted approach to support your musculoskeletal health.

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Turmeric, nettle and devil's claw modulate inflammation

Celery seeds offer diuretic and detoxification support

Ginger is a warming anti-inflammatory that enhances the absorption of the active compounds in turmeric

Amla and rosehip support collagen production and are rich in vitamin C

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Herbalist Note

"Potent herbs that promote flexibility and joint health"

Potent anti-inflammatory herbs that work together to support healthy movement and ease joint pain
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