Joint and Muscle Bath Salts | For Aches & Pains

Relief and recovery for sore muscles and joints. Suitable for dry, oily and combination (oily-dry) skin



Pamper your joints and muscles with our rejuvenating Joint and Muscle Bath Salts. Expertly crafted with meticulously chosen anti-inflammatory and relaxing herbs, essential oils, and Epsom salts, these bath salts are the perfect solution to unwind after a strenuous day or post-workout, easing muscle discomfort and joint stiffness. Each ingredient is handpicked to offer a holistic approach to relaxation, recovery, and revitalisation.

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Fosters healthy circulation to joints and muscles, enhancing mobility

Alleviates pain, stiffness, and tension in muscles and joints

Provides a rich source of magnesium, promoting muscle relaxation

Offers natural antioxidant support through sulphur, aiding in cell recovery

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Herbalist Note

"Our Joint and Muscles Bath Salts are a unique blend of Epsom Salts, herbs and pure essential oils that ease tension and help relieve aching joints and muscles"

Our Joint and Muscle Bath Salts unique blend helps ease tension and promotes relaxation as well as relieve aching joints and muscles
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