Men’s Health Essentials

Contents: Male Vitality Supplements (60 Caps), Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix (150g), Male Vitality Tea (60g)


The Men's Health Essentials is designed with men's specific health and wellbeing needs in mind. At the forefront of this bundle are our Male Vitality Supplements, packed with a robust blend of natural herbs tailored to invigorate and support men's health. Gokshura, Damiana, Nettle Root, Ashwagandha, Maca, and a suite of other potent botanicals help elevate testosterone levels, promote optimal hormonal balance, enhance libido, and bolster fertility. These capsules work in tandem with our Male Vitality Tea to help you unwind after a long day. With an earthy, grounding taste and gentle sweet undertones, this tea includes herbs that help enhance energy levels, promote circulation and digestion, relieve stress and support optimal hormone levels, as well as supporting prostate health.

Our Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix is specifically crafted to enhance your post-workout regimen. When combined with your favourite protein shake, this blend delivers plant-powered support for muscle repair and recovery, fortifying your body’s natural recuperation process after exercise and supporting optimal muscle performance. From energy and digestion to stress relief and muscle recovery, this set aims to offer a comprehensive approach to natural well-being for men.

Capsules consist of 30 days supply.

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