Hayfever & Allergy Essentials

Contents: Allergy Support Tea (50g), Allergy Support Tincture (100ml), Nasya Oil (30ml)


Our Hayfever & Allergy Essentials bundle brings together three all-natural products to help combat allergies and hay fever. Inside this collection you'll find our Allergy Support Tea, which boasts a fresh and floral blend of herbs like Baikal skullcap and elderflower, known to soothe inflammation in the sinuses and respiratory tract. The Allergy Support Tincture is enriched with eyebright and chamomile, targeting watery, itchy eyes and easing respiratory discomfort. Finally, our Nasya Oil, a traditional Ayurvedic formula, features powerful botanicals like eucalyptus and gotu kola leaf, renowned for opening airways and easing congestion. Together, this ensemble supports you when faced with challenging symptoms of seasonal allergies.

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