Calming Cacao | Cacao Powder with Rose & Lavender

A nutricious and soothing hot chocolate alternative.


150g = 30 days supply (5g per serving)

Our Calming Cacao is a dreamy alternative to a traditional hot chocolate. This blend marries the deep, velvety notes of premium cacao with gentle floral whispers of lavender and rose. Each little pouch has all you need for a nightly ritual to soothe the soul and nourish the body.

Our Calming Cacao has been developed by our team of medical herbalists to tantalise your taste buds and promote a restful night's sleep. With every sip, the calming properties of lavender and rose work in harmony to soothe stress and anxiety, while the flavonoid-rich cacao fosters relaxation, has been linked to lower blood pressure, and improves blood flow to the brain and heart. Your indulgent evening escape starts here.

Our cacao is grown at Zen Resort Bali, a sustainable wellness retreat in Bali, Indonesia. The beans are harvested and fermented before being dried, gently roasted, and ground into powder form.

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Promotes a restful night's sleep with calming herbal ingredients

Soothes stress and anxiety with the harmonious blend of lavender and rose

The flavonoid-rich cacao fosters relaxation and overall wellbeing

Cacao sustainably produced and wild harvested at Zen Resort Bali

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