Brain Power Mix | For Cognitive Support


150g = 30 days supply (5g per serving)

Carefully formulated to enhance focus, concentration and memory, our Brain Power Mix contains a range of herbs and adaptogens to support optimal brain function. It is a perfect accompaniment during exam season, work deadlines, and when you feel you need to give your brain some TLC. Simply add it to your daily shake or smoothie for a delicious and potent cognitive boost.

Brain Power Mix combines the adaptogens Brahmi and Siberian Ginseng with the brain tonics Rosemary and Lion’s mane mushroom. These four ingredients work to enhance memory, concentration and resilience to stress while boosting circulation to the brain, supporting nerve regeneration, and providing the vital nutrients required to help combat neurodegenerative diseases.

Also included are cocoa and cinnamon, two powerful antioxidants that encourage blood circulation and stimulate the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a key protein associated with learning, memory, and cognition.

Add our Brain Power Mix to your daily routine to elevate your cognitive health naturally and embrace the benefits of a sharper mind, enhanced focus, and improved memory.

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Enhances focus, concentration and memory, fostering mental clarity

Supports nerve regeneration and encourages blood circulation to the brain

Bolsters resilience to stress

Provides vital nutrients to support optimal brain function

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