Acne Essentials

Contents: Blemish Control (60ml), Miracle Moringa Face Oil (30ml), Detox Tea (95g)


Our Acne Essentials bundle has been curated to help mitigate acne breakouts, while promoting a holistic, internal detox to support your journey towards clear, vibrantly healthy skin. Our Blemish Control Gel harnesses the potent properties of calendula tincture, aloe vera gel and essential oils of tea tree and lavender to naturally cleanse and protect your skin, ensuring a reduction in bacterial-induced breakouts. The Miracle Moringa Face Oil supplements this, delivering deep nourishment and promoting overall skin health. Lastly, our Detox Tea encourages a gentle internal cleanse, supporting liver function and aiding the body’s own detoxifying efforts. Together, these products support skin health and complement your skincare routine.

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