360° Detox Essentials

Contents: Miracle Moringa Face Oil (30ml), 360° Detox Mix (150g), Detox Tea (95g)


When we overindulge or expose ourselves to unhealthy habits, the body can accumulate toxins and stress that put a strain on our immunity and energy levels. Sometimes a natural detox is just the thing you or a loved one needs to bring the body back into balance.

Our 360° Detox Essentials collection brings together the holistic strengths of our cleansing 360° Detox Mix, our delicious Detox Tea, and our antioxidant-rich Miracle Moringa Face Oil, to provide comprehensive detoxification and rejuvenation amid the daily rigours of modern life.

Together, these promote the elimination of toxins and support organ function, while purifying your skin from the outside with the nourishing Moringa Face Oil. It's a well-rounded herbal approach to detox to help you glow both inside and out.

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