Recovery Tincture | For Cold & Flu Support

Made with powerful natural ingredients that fight infections & fevers


100ml = 20 servings (5ml per serving)

In the wake of illness, our Recovery Tincture emerges as the nurturing immune reinforcement your body craves. It blends the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory might of Baikal Skullcap, the soothing and decongesting benefits of Elderflower, the antiviral properties of Nettle Root, and the immune-boosting and restorative power of Rhodiola. These and a host of other potent botanicals have been carefully assembled to support your recovery when you are feeling ill, particularly from respiratory infections. This concentrated herbal extract helps alleviate fevers, aches, pains, congestion, inflammation and discomfort. Use it daily as part of your recuperation regimen, letting it accelerate your return to peak wellness.

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Provides immune support when you are feeling down with cold- or flu-like symptoms

Eases coughs, fevers, aches and pains

Soothes inflammation and helps fight infections

Supports digestion and helps balance the gut flora

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Herbalist Note

"Our strongest immune remedy that can be taken daily for up to a month"

Our Immunity Plus Tincture is a unique concentrated multi herbal formula blended by our team of herbalists to support the immune system especially when we need a fast-acting extra boost for our immunity
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