Embrace Body Oil with Jasmine & Rose | For Dry or Oily Skin

With nourishing jojoba and a hint of jasmine. Suitable for dry, oily and combination (oily-dry) skin



Infused with the alluring scents of rose absolute and jasmine, our Embrace Body Oil is your ideal choice for a daily after-shower moisturiser. Carefully blended with Jojoba and Coconut oils, this formula offers deep, soothing nourishment for your skin without leaving a greasy residue. Perfect for those who love floral fragrances, its delightful scent provides an everyday indulgence. Versatile and practical, it can be applied from head to toe whenever needed, whether as a moisturising boost post-shower or as a bath oil.

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Moisturising and non-greasy: Provides deep hydration without a greasy residue, ensuring your skin feels nourished and silky smooth.

Uplifting fragrance: The relaxing floral fragrance, featuring jasmine, uplifts and balances your mood.

Relaxing: Contains rose and jasmine to help ease tension and promote a relaxed mind and body.

Versatile Use: Ideal as a daily moisturiser or bath oil, leaving skin smooth and delicately fragranced.

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