Lion's Mane High Extract Strength (10:1) | For Cognitive Support

High Extract Strength (10:1)


**60 capsules / 30 days supply **

Lion's mane is a powerful mushroom that is scientifically shown to support memory, cognitive function, and the nervous system. This mushroom grows throughout Asia in white, globular fruits with long, shaggy tendrils that look like a white lion’s mane. It has a long history of culinary and medicinal use in countries, including Japan, China, India, and Korea. Our capsules contain a highly concentrated extract of organic lion’s mane (10:1), and are complemneted with a small dose of vitamin-C rich organic acerola, ensuring you reap the full benefits from these wonderful mushrooms.

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Boosts brain function and protects neurons

Enhances memory retention and concentration

Dampens the body's response to anxiety and stress

Improves your mood

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Herbalist Note

"A powerful mushroom supplement"

Lion's Mane supports memory, brain function, and the nervous system, while boosting your mood and reducing stress.
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