Grounding Oil (10ml) | For Calm & Clarity

A soothing oil blend to help you rediscover the present


We've crafted our Grounding Oil to be a small but mighty bottle of clarity when you need it most. It's made with a range of botanicals including jojoba, sandalwood, juniper and holy basil, to help you feel balanced and centred. This blend is ideal for use before and during practices such as yoga and meditation, and is also perfect for when you need in-the-moment calm to ease anxiety and nerves. We recommend adding a few drops to your oil burner to fill any space with serenity, or applying a few drops to the palm of your hands before deeply inhaling.

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Promotes a sense of calm, harmony and groundedness

Helps you prepare for any meditative practice

Enhances mental clarity, focus and concentration

Eases tension and anxiety; brings joy and confidence

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