Mindful Morning Rituals With Self-Massage & Nourishing Body Oils

Mindful Morning Rituals With Self-Massage & Nourishing Body Oils

The morning ritual. It has the potential to be sacred, serene, and indulgent. Or it can feel hurried and chaotic.  

If you’re wondering what the difference here is, we may have an answer: It’s all about intention. 

So, what kind of intention can we bring to our mornings? Here at Zen Maitri, we advocate for a morning ritual curated with the objectives of connection, calm, and love. 


Read on if you would like to know our take on the following questions:

  • How important are morning routines for vibrant health and wellbeing?
  • What can you helpfully include in a morning routine? 
  • How can self-massaging with herbal body oils help sublime the beginning of your days? 
  • What oils can you use for self-massage?
  • What are the benefits of different types of massage oils? 


The Importance of your morning routine 

‘Morning routine’ has become a bit of a buzzphrase in recent years. If you’ve ever wondered why, the science suggests that the way we spend our mornings can have a sizable impact on not only our day but our overall health and wellbeing. It’s no secret that getting out of bed and starting your day can set you up for success more than the snooze button ever could. 


This is made considerably easier by having something to look forward to when we open our sleepy eyes, longing for 5 more minutes. By waking with intention and curating a morning routine centred around calm and connection, you hold the power each day to reduce your stress, increase your energy for the day ahead, cultivate peak performance and enhance your mood.  When we wake, our cortisol levels (stress hormones) are at their highest. Introducing a morning ritual that promotes the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (aka your body’s natural state of relaxation) can reduce stress from the offset, having a major positive impact on your day going forward, and potentially your mental health long-term. 


So, if you’ve recognized the importance of cultivating a morning ritual, you might be wondering where to start.  

We encourage you to ask yourself the following question:   

What kind of feeling do you want to evoke in the morning and carry throughout the day?  

If like us, your answer to the above relates to elevating your day with a greater sense of self-connection, relaxation, gratitude, and calm; then self-oil massage may be a morning ritual perfectly aligned with your needs.  


Self-oil massage  

Ever heard of Ayurveda? It’s an ancient natural holistic healing system, boasting more than 3,000 years of eastern wisdom. This powerful, millenary system of traditional medicine suggests that our health and wellness are dependent upon a delicate balance of our mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic practices focus on the promotion of good health, with self-massage being one of them. 


Self-oil-massage, also known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda, is the practice of mindfully massaging the body with deeply nourishing oil. As we massage each area of the body, we can do so through a non-judgemental lens. Mindfully checking in with the body by tracking the sensations, emotions, and thoughts we experience, simply noticing without judgement, aiming to cultivate a sense of appreciation for our body and all the ways it supports us. As we massage with this loving intention, we can expect to feel a sense of release and relaxation by tending to the body in this simple yet effective way. 


Self-oil massage has the potential to;  

  • Activate a sense of calm, rest, and safety in the body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system  
  • Nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin  
  • Soothe muscles, joints, and organs  
  • Lower cortisol levels  
  • Lower blood pressure  
  • Increase circulation and lymph flow  
  • Reduce inflammation in the body 
  • Provide time and space to tap into both your physical and emotional state each day, noticing any aches and pains that need care and attention. 

Could this be the ultimate self-love practice?   

If you’re interested in trying this powerful practice for yourself and feel curious about which oil to use then keep reading. 

Body Oils  

Body oils are significantly effective at hydrating the skin to maintain its health and firmness. Here at Zen Maitri, we stock a range of oils, striving to meet your body’s unique needs. 

You can follow this link to browse our products that can support this powerful practice.  

Here are some of our favourites...

The best oil for mobility and pain relief 

Mahanarayan Oil is a traditional ayurvedic formula made up of several powerful healing compounds such as sesame oil, ashwagandha, ginger, turmeric, tulsi, and valerian, each with their own unique superpowers. Ayurveda reveres this oil with the potential to soothe the skin, reduce joint inflammation and support the muscles, bones, and joints when they need a little extra love. Ayurvedic Doctor and Professor Dr. Dobade explains this oil can be beneficial for individuals living with arthritic disorders such as osteoarthritis, but generally can be a go-to for anyone with achy joints and muscles that could benefit from relaxation. 


The best oil for skin healing and hair growth 

Arnica Oil is derived from a flowering herb and has been used for centuries as a homoeopathic treatment for skin, scalp, and hair conditions. This powerful oil holds anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has been shown to hold the potential to lower pain caused by inflammation and decrease the healing time needed for bruises and wounds. Arnica oil holds the added benefit that it may be beneficial for hair loss, as it can strengthen the proteins within the hair strand and improve overall follicle health.  


The best oil for anti-ageing 

Rosehip Seed Oil is derived from the seeds found in the fruit of the rose bush. This oil contains high doses of vitamin C, A and a host of beneficial essential fatty acids. These properties mean rosehip oil can provide antioxidant effects (helping to protect the skin against pollution, UV radiation and damage from stress, for example), support collagen production, wound healing, and prevent dry skin. It also holds the potential to reduce and reverse sun damage, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, and can act as a treatment for mild acne. Studies also found this powerful oil holds the power to reduce osteoarthritis pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

The best oil for skin complaints

Calendula Oil is a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers. This impressive oil holds anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties and so is useful for healing wounds, soothing eczema, relieving nappy rash, and can be used as an antiseptic. Its potential to accelerate wound healing means it may be a great choice if you are often facing redness, swelling, and bruising. Additionally, Calendula may also have the potential to treat and prevent acne, as well as the potential to act as a pain reliever from dermatitis. 

If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, our Skin Saver balm may be a great choice too – it has been lovingly crafted to soothe rashes, redness, inflammation and irritation. It includes a range of beneficial botanicals – including Calendula, and much more! – chosen for their support in calming, cooling, nourishing and healing the skin.


Morning ritual body oils for him 

Body oil for him 

Our Body Oil For Him contains several nourishing and soothing components such as coconut oil; sourced from Sri Lanka and rich in skin-protecting antioxidants; jojoba oil; a powerful moisturiser to support the elasticity and softness of the skin; and Vitamin E; to protect the skin from environmental factors such as air pollution and sun exposure, as well as reducing hyperpigmentation. Bergamot, cypress, sandalwood, and vetiver essential oils create an invigorating aroma and provide a powerhouse of benefits from reducing acne, alleviating stress and inflammation, as well as providing antiseptic and detoxifying properties. For this oil’s scent; imagine a clean, fresh aroma, grounded in woody, leathery tones with a hint of smoke. This oil elevates him from the inside out and when included in the morning ritual, can set any man up for a purposeful day. 

Nourishing beard oil 

Our beard oil is made up of a blend of potent components to enhance the condition and health of your beard. This oil supports facial hair to become more supple, more fragrant, and easier to style and maintain. Dryness and flakiness present on the chin and cheek area can be eradicated with use, supporting you to feel more confident in your glossier face fuzz throughout the day. Jojoba, argan, castor, black seed, and rosemary oils are blended; packing a variety of benefits such as moisturising and soothing irritation and dryness, protecting the skin and beard from the environment, reducing itchiness and soreness during beard growth periods, improving brittleness of the hair and preventing breakage. This oil can stimulate the growth of your beard by improving the nutrient supply to hair follicles and support styling and maintenance for a well-groomed appearance.  


Morning ritual body oils for her 

Pregnancy bath and body oil 

Gentle, soothing oil massage during pregnancy can support both mum and baby by generating a relaxed bodily state, soothing aches and pains, supporting a deeper night's sleep, increasing oxygenation of muscles and tissues, and helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Our pregnancy oil contains a blend of four components; jojoba, calendula, rosehip, and rose geranium essential oil. This oil is an excellent choice to nourish and soothe the skin, support hydration and elasticity and promote skin cell repair. Our pregnancy oil is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental factors and can facilitate the healing of scars, wounds, and stretch marks. Rose geranium’s aroma can soothe stress and anxiety to support you through this sacred life passage. Turn to this oil to promote a grounded pregnancy and enhance the loving relationship between you, your body, and your baby. 

Body oil for her 

Our body oil for her contains a blend of six highly nourishing oils; coconut, jojoba, and borage oil come together with rose geranium, clary sage, and mandarin essential oils to create a deeply nourishing experience. This oil can provide intense moisturization; soften and hydrate skin, protect from environmental factors, soothe inflammation, and support infection prevention, as well as offer relief for a range of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. This oil is rich in its ability to reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, and uplift mood. This is an oil that can truly breathe more love into your mornings. 

Morning ritual body oils for them (non-binary)

No matter what you identify as, we have the perfect morning body oil for you! Our Body oil for them is arguably our most refreshing body oil fragrance, and it was formulated with gender non-conforming, non-binary, gender-fluid people in mind, sitting alongside our body oils for her and him. It is a nourishing and delightfully fragrant body oil which soothes, heals, protects and nourishes the skin. It has a delightfully fresh, invigorating, enlivening aroma, with citrus and spicy tones. It combines essential oils of Brazilian pepper, mandarin, cypress, grapefruit and bergamot. It can be used by anyone, irrespective of gender — like our other body oils. It seeks to celebrate and embrace inclusion and diversity. 

How is your morning routine shaping up?

If you’ve infused your morning ritual with the power of nourishing self-massage, we’d love to hear more about your experience. What’s your chosen oil for a nourishing morning? Let us know in the comments below! 

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