Purify Your Home and Find Calm with Herbal Room Sprays

Purify Your Home and Find Calm with Herbal Room Sprays

Room sprays are a wonderful addition to your home ambience. And with the right ingredients, they can have health benefits, too. Whether you want to purify your living space or fill the air with scents proven to uplift your mood and reduce stress, herbal room sprays are the way to go. 

In this blog we’re going to take a closer look at the following questions:

  • What are herbal room sprays?
  • What are the benefits of room sprays?
  • How do you choose the right scent for your room?

So let’s start at the beginning: What is a herbal room spray?

A room spray is a scented mist that can be sprayed in any room or indoor space. Depending on the oils and botanicals used, these sprays can have different effects. Are you seeking a calm space for your family to relax in? Do you want to uplift the energy in your home office to have inspiration and creativity infused in your ambience? Do you want to create a more peaceful energy in your home that uplifts visitors as they walk through the door? Whatever vibe you want to create in your home, herbal room sprays are a powerful way to make it happen.

First things first: when choosing a room spray for your home, it’s important to take a look at the ingredients. We may be a little biased here, but we’d always recommend going for the natural choice. There are plenty of room sprays on the market that spread synthetic scents and are full of chemicals that have no business going anywhere near your respiratory system. 

Instead, we’ve created a collection of Room Sprays with 100% pure, natural ingredients that are not only safe to breathe, but also contain a number of essential oils that have proven benefits. From killing harmful microbes in the air to boosting your mental health, the science of essential oils and aromatherapy underpins our collection. 

The days of artificial smells are over. We think it’s time to embrace nature in your living spaces. 

The Health Benefits of Natural Room Sprays 

As well as making your space smell amazing, herbal room sprays can have therapeutic effects thanks to their essential oil and botanical content. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated extractions from single plants. When used in a herbal room spray, they can have powerful therapeutic benefits.

Let’s explore how these oils can make a positive impact through purifying your space, improving your mental health, or even keeping away bugs and insects.

Purifying your space with herbal room sprays

Let’s start with their purifying and cleansing effect. Room sprays that use certain essential oils inhibit the growth of air-borne bacteria and can be used to kill viruses making the air in your home safer and cleaner to breathe. The oils with antimicrobial effects include lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, bergamot, lemongrass, thyme and lavender. Room sprays with these ingredients can help keep your living spaces clean and free from germs, all while being safe for you and your loved ones and smelling great! 

Improving mental health with essential oils

Aside from keeping your living spaces healthy, room sprays can also have positive effects on you and your mental health. You don’t even need to apply these oils topically, drink them or take a pill. The simple act of smelling these oils in the air can make a positive difference to your day.  

Calming oils such as Lavender have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. The effect can occur because that one drop of essential oil is almost equivalent to smelling one whole lavender bush! 

Peppermint oil can help to bring energy, focus and clarity of mind. Combine that with the uplifting lemon and lemongrass oil, and you’ve got an aroma that will refresh your body and mind.

Keep bugs away with a simple spray!

Another effect of room sprays is their ability to keep away insects and bugs – naturally! Lemon and lemongrass essential oils, are two known for mosquito repellent effects. This is a great option for you to spray in your living spaces or on your clothes when you are outside.

Choosing the Right Herbal Room Spray

To ensure that the room sprays you choose are only beneficial, be sure to check the ingredient list. Anything with artificial colours, or long chemical names should be avoided! Our team of medical herbalists recommend that you opt for an all-natural room spray.  

Choosing the right spray will depend on whether you are seeking a calm mind, a blend for purifying your spaces or an alternative bug-repellant. Here are our favourite room sprays.

An Uplifting Room Spray to Inspire your day

If you are looking for an uplifting scent to inspire and energise, then our Refreshing Room Spray is for you! It has a delightfully citrusy, sweet and minty scent that comes from a combination of orange blossom water with lemon, lemongrass and peppermint essential oils. This combination has been developed to uplift your mood and promote clarity of mind. It’s the perfect choice to spray in your work room, living space or even the kitchen. Wherever it goes, it’ll add a touch of energy and inspiration to your day. 

It can also be used as part of a morning ritual, with a citrus sweet scent that’s ideal for a morning wake-up call. It promotes alertness and concentration, awakening your mind and enhancing your mood as soon as it hits your nostrils!

A Room Spray to Combat Stress and Promote Peaceful Sleep

If you are seeking a scent to help you stay calm, combat bouts of stress and anxiety, to clear feelings of depression or to include in your evening bedtime routine, our Calming Lavender and Patchouli Room Spray is a perfect choice. 

This spray combines lavender floral water with lavender and patchouli essential oils to create a beautifully subtle floral and woody fragrance. Use it when it’s time to settle down for the night and wind down. You can also spray it on your pillow just before sleeping, as lavender naturally promotes relaxation and restful sleep.  

Calm, Clarity and Cleanliness: Room Sprays Will Enhance Your Living Spaces

Which scent resonates with you? Will you opt for the Refreshing Room Spray or the Calming Lavender and Patchouli Room Spray? Each with its own benefits, and you can even use a different herbal spray in different rooms depending on the energy you want to cultivate there. 

Our natural room sprays are all about tapping into the power of nature and the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy. Once you start your journey with room sprays, we hope you’ll notice changes beyond the beautiful smell. The positive effects these sprays can have are profound: whether you feel calmer in your mind, clearer and uplifted in your thoughts, finally free from pesky bugs, or less likely to grow ill thanks to bacteria in the home.  

It’s time to de-stress, purify, find calm and uplift your home - with an all-natural room spray backed by powerful essential oils.

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