10 Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

Tea! A hug in a mug that even on your darkest days makes the world feel a little brighter...

A comforting cuppa and a steady tea routine have plenty of psychological benefits, but herbal tea drinkers (and Zen Maitri fans) know there’s much more to herbal blends than first meets the tastebuds. Herbal tea has been used throughout history to promote health and wellness from the inside out, and there’s now a wealth of scientific evidence backing individual herbs and their positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. The right balance of herbs can be a delicious and nutritious pick-me-up or work to ease specific symptoms and health conditions.  

Long story short, there’s a herbal blend out there for everyone and for many health conditions and ailments. Keep reading to discover the host of herbs most suited to your health needs.

In this blog we’ll cover: 

  • Herbal tea ingredients to help you sleep better
  • Herbal tea blends to support your energy levels
  • Herbal tea to soothe your digestion and digestive discomfort
  • The best herbal teas to ease anxiety and instil a sense of calm
  • The best herbal blends to support your immunity
  • The best herbal blends for a natural detox
  • Herbal teas for joint and muscle health
  • The best herbal teas for male and female vitality 

Soothing Herbs to Help You Sleep Better 

Scientists and sleep specialists have long been shouting from the rooftops about the importance of a good night’s rest. When we shut our eyes and float away into a restful dream state, our bodies get to work on regenerating and recovering at a cellular level.

However, for a lot of us, falling asleep in the first place can often be an issue. Finding a way to encourage the body into slumber for an overnight cell makeover is self-care at its finest. Fortunately, there are plenty of herbs that can help you wind down before bedtime, including... 


A natural antispasmodic and traditional herbal sedative, passionflower works to relax muscle tension and reduce stress - two major barriers to restful sleep. Passionflower has been found an effective remedy for getting to sleep, as well as sustaining a deeper, more restful sleep. Passionflower is a great all-around choice for anyone who wants to sleep better.  


A favourite sleep enhancer here at Zen Maitri, Skullcap holds natural sedative properties that are perfect for calming stress and anxiety, reducing bodily tension and soothing headaches. Research has also found Skullcap to provide effective relief from insomnia, offering help for those of us who struggle to switch our minds off at bedtime by eliciting a calm headspace and restoring natural sleep patterns. 

Lemon Balm

A soothing, comforting wonder herb, lemon balm provides effective relief from anxiety and stress and pairs beautifully with the above herbs for an effective sleep tonic. Lemon balm has also been found to soothe the digestive system and cool bodily heat for a holistic sense of relaxation. 

Rest Easy With Our Deep Sleep Tea

To promote a natural, deep sleep thanks to these helpful herbs, we’ve blended them together into a tea with an added dash of tension-relieving peppermint and pain-easing wild lettuce for good measure. Brew a cup of deep sleep tea 30 minutes before bed to enjoy the rejuvenating rest you deserve. 

Energise Naturally With These Enlivening Herbs 

A 2022 survey found that one in eight UK adults feels tired ‘all the time’. It’s safe to say, finding an effective but healthy source of energy throughout the day can be a challenge. Energy drinks, coffee and sugar are all popular - despite the fact they come with a post-consumption energy crash. When the caffeine wears off or our blood sugar takes a dip, it’s easy to get into a stressful cycle of needing another hit to keep us going. 

Herbs offer a healthy and more natural alternative to your usual morning or midday pick-me-up. 

Green Tea

A popular coffee substitute and rightly so, green tea offers a mild caffeine content without the crash. A naturally occurring amino acid ‘L-theanine’ not only soothes anxiety and supports the nervous system, but is an effective remedy to the dreaded caffeine crash. If green tea wasn’t already doing enough, it’s also packed with antioxidants, promoting all round wellness. Drunk since ancient times to elicit a vibrant, yet relaxed state; green tea is a great option to pair with other herbs to create an enlivening drink.  


Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance ‘fire’ in the body, ginger promotes healthy circulation (the perfect remedy for cold hands and feet), supports digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as acting as a mild stimulant for a warming, health-enhancing enlivener. 

Yerba Mate 

Another traditional coffee substitute used around the world for centuries, Yerba Mate has been linked to many health benefits. From cardiovascular protection and weight reduction to glucose control and enhanced cognitive performance, Yerba Mate offers health benefits for everyone. Yerba Mate is also an effective reliever of fatigue; promoting alertness and wakefulness without the crash that accompanies coffee.  

Siberian Ginseng 

Famous around the world for its natural energy-boosting properties; we recommend Siberian Ginseng as a natural go-to for improving mental and physical performance, as well as protecting the body against the effects of stress. Siberian Ginseng gets to work by increasing blood flow to the brain; thus having positive effects on memory, concentration, and mental stamina.

A Natural Coffee Alternative: Our Energise Tea

Craving a quick pick-me-up without the caffeine crash? Our energise tea has your back. We’ve blended all the herbs above and added a couple of other herbs we are fond of (Nettle Leaf; a nutrient powerhouse, along with Lemongrass; a refreshing, flavoursome and uplifting herb) for a true brew with benefits. Read more about this blend here, and reap its benefits one to three times a day for an enhanced, energised you! 

Relieve Digestive Discomfort with These Soothing Herbs 

If you’re in need of digestive support, herbs can be a gentle, nourishing and natural option to finding relief or even use to practice preventative self-care. In the UK, 2 in 10 of us suffer with IBS, and 86% of the population report having suffered from gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, indigestion and heartburn. 

With digestive issues becoming increasingly more common as a result of the demands of modern life, having a powerful natural remedy on hand for when they arise is ideal. Below are some herbs and a special tea blend to help you out…


A true digestive herb; meadowsweet has been effectively used traditionally to treat a range of inflammatory diseases, as well as to regulate gastric acid levels in the stomach and protect the gut. Meadowsweet is also found to have an easing effect on stomach cramps and spasms, making it the perfect all rounder for soothing digestive discomfort. 


A festive favourite, cinnamon is a warming, sweet and flavoursome option for easing digestive tenderness. It works to warm the intestinal tract and ease symptoms like flatulence, constipation and diarrhoea gently and effectively. 


Chamomile is another helpful herb for supporting healthy digestion; known to physically ease the digestive system, as well as the anxiety and stress that is sometimes at the root of digestive troubles. Useful in almost all digestive conditions, chamomile also promotes healthy gut bacteria and is therefore a splendid choice for preventional digestion care. 

Soothe IBS & Discomfort With OuDigestion Tea

We’ve carefully crafted a tea that combines the above herbs with cardamom and fennel to combat gas and bloating, along with dandelion root to support liver function into a comforting tea that can be enjoyed one to three times per day to care for one of your body’s most important systems. 

Stress Less With a Cup of Calm on Demand

Stress is a natural part of life, and it’s normal for our stress levels to vary day-to-day. However, it’s imperative to combat the negative impacts stress can have on our wellbeing. We can do this by finding enjoyable ways to destress the physical body and calm a racing mind. 

There are plenty of proven options out there; from meditation and yoga, to exercise and time in nature, to creative activities and music. Whilst wonderful, a lot of these options require dedicated time in our days. Herbal teas can offer a quick, easy and effective alternative or add-on to your stress management routine; as there is now a thriving evidence base to support their stress-busting effects. 

Here are our favourite ingredients and a powerful herbal tea blend for stress relief…


Tulsi is a versatile herb with known mental health benefits. Tulsi uplifts both body and mind by easing anxiety, enhancing cognitive function and relieving stress. Research into Tulsi’s properties also suggests this comforting herb can be taken to balance blood pressure, ease indigestion and heartburn, and promote healthier skin. 


A powerfully calming herb, vervain has a wide range of uses for stress-related issues such as irritability, anxiety, insomnia and PMS. Vervain has been found deeply relaxing for the nervous system and able to effectively relieve bodily tension. This bitter, cooling herb is a mega mellower full of flavour.  


Another favourite here at Zen Maitri is the gentle, peace-enhancing rose. Rose is both uplifting and calming, and is revered in Ayurveda for cooling the body to support a reduction of stress, anxiety and irritability. Rose is also a physical comfort blanket for the body; as it works to ease stomach acidity, which can often accompany high-stress levels. 

Nourish Your Nervous System With Our Balance Tea

Lovingly crafted by a team of herbalists who understand just how important self-care in stressful times is, our Balance Tea supports your nervous system to help you combat challenging times. The blend includes the above herbs, as well as chamomile and lemon balm; both famous for their calming impact. When used consistently as part of a daily relaxing ritual, this balancing brew can strengthen your stress resilience and improve your mood day-to-day. 

Support Your Body With Immunity Boosting Herbal Blends 

Taking care of our natural defence system is more important than ever. Luckily, there’s a wealth of scientific evidence to suggest that we have immunity-boosting, natural compounds at our fingertips in the form of plants and herbs. Herbal teas are an evidence-based, quick and easy option to provide peace of mind that you are doing all you can to support your body in staying healthy, as well as aiding recovery from illness when it strikes. Below are some of our favourite immune-supporting ingredients, and a powerful herbal blend developed by our team of herbalists. 

Echinacea root

Echinacea root has been prescribed for centuries as a preventer and remedy for common colds, coughs and respiratory infections. Its effectiveness at reducing the incidence and duration of the common cold has been confirmed by several research studies. When used often, this herb can support the maintenance of strong natural defences and ward off bacteria, fungi and viruses. Echinacea also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, supporting both prevention and recovery from illness.


A world favourite defence option, Elderberry is not only delicious, but it’s also a natural antiviral, making it a particularly useful herb for defending against and recovering from colds and flus. Elderberry helps to increase cytokine production, and is full of essential nutrients and vitamins, meaning it's a highly celebrated immunity booster that can significantly reduce symptoms related to viral infections. A highly-palatable and practical choice for maintaining your best health. 


Vitamin C is an imperative vitamin for maintaining wellness and recovering from illness, and Rosehip has it in bucket loads. Because of its high vitamin and antioxidant content, Rosehip is an effective anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It’s also been found useful for improving joint flexibility and strengthening bones, which can often feel sore and tight when facing illness. Rosehip's immunity-boosting qualities also mean its effective at enhancing healthy blood flow and strengthening blood vessels; acting as substantial support for the body's variety of needs. 

Bolster Your Immunity With Our Defend Tea

Improve your immunity with the power of our defend tea; blended by our team of medical herbalists to support your immune system. This carefully balanced tea is crafted with the above herbs, along with Tulsi and Olive leaf for additional anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. Enjoy this tea daily to enhance general immunity and prevent the body from falling ill to viruses, infections and stress. You can also rely on this blend to support a speedier recovery and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. 

Delectable Herbs to Detox on Demand 

With all the busyness and stress of daily life, sometimes our body needs a little extra support with detoxifying if we want to stay on top of our wellness game. Herbs are here to help! We have a few favourites when it comes to an internal cleanse. The herbs below are our top picks to support the elimination of toxins and waste, as well as promote liver and kidney function. 

Burdock root 

Burdock root is our go-to for cleansing and purifying the body due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects that support digestion, liver function and detox. As a natural diuretic, burdock root stimulates and detoxifies the liver and kidneys; promoting fluid balance and waste cleansing from the body. Burdock is known for enhancing healthy skin and a glowing complexion, reducing gas, heartburn and bloating. Burdock root also contributes to the beneficial bacteria in the gut, improving digestion and general wellbeing as a whole. 

Barberry root

A beauty herb by nature, barberry root is rich in major minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium, along with alkaloids known to have protective, anticancer and antioxidant effects. Barberry root can support the protection of the liver, reduce inflammation and fight against acne breakouts, leaving you feeling cleansed and renewed from the inside out.


Sarsaparilla is both an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying herb that helps to eliminate toxins, with particular effectiveness in alleviating skin conditions. That means adding this herb to your beauty routine can relieve eczema, psoriasis and flare-ups. Sarsaparilla has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to support the treatment of arthritis, fevers and abscesses, and so is a well-backed herb when it comes to cleansing the body of stressors.

Cleanse, Nourish & Purify With OuDetox Tea

Our detox tea is made up of the above herbs, blended together with dandelion root and nettle leaf to create a cleansing, purifying botanical blend. This tea can be enjoyed one to three times per day for deep and delicious detox. 

Restore Your Joints and Muscles With a Helpful Herbal Hand

Herbs can help to promote fluidity and ease of movement within the body, by utilising naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties within certain herbs. Some of the most famous anti-inflammatory painkillers mother nature has to offer are turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. But nature’s support system doesn’t stop here. 


A potent, world-renowned anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; turmeric is an excellent choice to prevent and relieve joint and muscle pain; as well as promote speedy recovery when needed. Turmeric has also been found to work wonders in the body by assimilating protein and nutrients directly to muscles for optimum nourishment and recovery. 

Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf is a staple in herbal medicine, due to the leaves’ richness in Vitamins A and C, as well as iron, calcium, silica, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients are essential for muscle and joint function and recovery. 

Solomon’s Seal 

Found to be a particularly useful herb for musculoskeletal issues; Solomon’s seal is a secret weapon to have in the cupboard when stressed-out ligaments, aching muscles and bones need some extra support to heal and feel their best. 

Soothe Aches & Pains and Support Movement & Flexibility With Our Joint and Muscle Tea

Relax, restore and recover with our Joint and Muscle herbal tea. We’ve packed it full of ginger, turmeric, meadowsweet, nettle leaf, cinnamon and Solomon’s seal for a flavourful cuppa that will help your body feel its best. Enjoy daily for maintenance and prevention, or drink as needed when your body is feeling a tad tender. 


Revive your Respiratory System with a Herbal Refreshment 

The respiratory system can often go neglected when we think about self-care; but incorporating certain herbs can do wonders to support this system to build resilience to colds and flu, as well as ease asthma or bronchitis. Herbs can also provide us with additional immune-boosting, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits that can serve as extra protection in colder months when respiratory issues are commonly triggered. 


Plantain is a well-researched, key medicinal herb for soothing respiratory diseases due to its anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract. Plantain has also been found effective for relieving the body of excess mucus; therefore a helpful antidote for anyone suffering with a cough or bronchitis. 


Elecampane is a powerful, restorative herb that has been used for centuries in treatment of chronic lung conditions. Found beneficial for strengthening and rejuvenating the lungs, elecampane is another effective choice for a range of respiratory struggles. 


Rosemary contains essential oils found to work wonders in relieving infections, easing fevers, sore throats, and chest infections. Rosemary is a powerful decongestant, with the additional benefit of easing spasms and tightness in the bronchial tubes. This is a gentle respiratory reviver your lungs will be grateful for.  

Nourish Your Respiratory System With Our Breathe Tea

Inhale and exhale with more ease by sipping on our Breathe Tea one to three times a day. The above herbs come together with marshmallow root, echinacea root and thyme to give your respiratory system the protection and support it deserves. 

Vibrancy Is At Your Finger Tips with Vitality Boosting Blends 

If you’re looking for more vibrancy in your days, your body's hormonal rhythm can be a great place to start. When our hormones are in a state of balance, we begin to operate at a higher general baseline level of wellness. And whilst there are some herbs that are great all-around wonder workers that we can all benefit from, some herbs are particularly supportive for the different needs of promoting male and female wellbeing. 

For Women 


Shatavari is an adaptogenic herb known to support the female body with both physical and emotional stress by balancing hormones for a more consistent hormonal cycle. Shatavari is also effective at preventing collagen breakdown; meaning it’s a great option for plumper and firmer skin. 


Calendula offers anti-inflammatory properties found to support a variety of skin problems, as well as offering hormone-balancing benefits. Calendula can also be effective for easing delayed and painful periods. 


Liquorice is known as a demulcent herb; meaning it offers moistening and soothing qualities that are supportive of a healthy urinary tract. Liquorice is also revered for its hormone-balancing effects and is reported to provide stability for emotional fluctuations when used consistently due to its anti-depressive qualities. 

For Men

Male hormones differ to females in that their hormonal cycle renews every 24 hours rather than every month. Herbs can be utilised by men to meet the demands of modern life and achieve a balance consistently with their daily hormone cycle. From relieving stress, to supporting prostate health and libido; herbs can offer men a natural, easy way to tap into their optimal wellness state. 


Incorporating ashwagandha into your daily routine will have your nervous system feeling in better shape than ever. Ashwagandha supports the nervous system throughout the day, balancing the body and offering resilience in the face of stress and mental exhaustion. Not only does ashwagandha offer balance, but it has also been reported to improve mental clarity and stress stamina, enhance athletic performance and encourage speedy recovery from stress, exercise and illness. 


Another nervous system tonic, Damiana supports the reduction of stress and anxiety by working to calm the mind and boost mood. Not only this, but damiana can also be an effective remedy for increasing libido and decreasing erectile dysfunction; offering a natural and supportive option for a healthy sex life. 

Nettle Root 

Scientifically proven to promote prostate health, nettle root should be a must in men’s daily self-care routines. Nettle root also has been found to boost testosterone levels, and so acts as a staunch ally for optimal male reproductive health. 

Support General Health & Wellbeing With Our Vitality Teas 

We’ve crafted a comprehensive blend of herbs into a tasty tea for both men and women. Our Woman Vitality Tea consists of Shatavari root, calendula, rose, liquorice, meadowsweet and ginger. Drink daily to promote hormone balance, boost circulation and digestion, support collagen production and promote skin elasticity and urinary system health.

Our Male Vitality Tea contains ashwagandha, ginger, damiana leaf, ginkgo, liquorice and nettle root for a tea that's certain to enhance energy, promote healthy circulation and digestion, support optimal hormone levels and ease stress and tension. 

If you’ve tried one of our tasty teas, we would love to hear from you in the comments below… :)

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