Voice Therapy Essentials

Contents: Throat Therapy Tea (40g), Vocal Ease Tincture (100ml), Throat Therapy Spray (50ml)


If you struggle with sore throats, tickly coughs, and vocal strains, get comprehensive relief with our Voice Therapy Essentials. Our Throat Therapy Tea is a comforting blend of moistening, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbs, including marshmallow leaves, mullein, liquorice and eucalyptus. It brings comfort with every sip, and supports wider respiratory health.

Amplify vocal relaxation with our Vocal Ease Tincture, formulated for both professional and aspiring singers, actors, public speakers and for anyone who has lost their voice. With ingredients including sage, wild indigo, mullein, sweet flag and Icelandic moss, it is the perfect antidote to vocal restriction and performance nervousness. The Throat Therapy Spray, portable and efficient, brings quicker relief to coughs and sore throats, soothing, hydrating and reinforcing your natural defences. Together, these products provide a holistic approach to voice wellness.

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