Meditation Essentials

Contents: Balance Tea (35g), Grounding Oil (10ml), Mysore Sandalwood Incense (20 Sticks), California White Sage Stick


Our Meditation Essentials bundle is curated to guide you through a holistic meditative journey, harmonising the mind, body, and spirit from start to finish. Begin by setting a pure, sacred atmosphere with our California White Sage Stick, designed to cleanse the space where your meditative practice is taking place.

As you step into meditation, the Grounding Oil aids in centering your energies and enhancing focus, a gentle touch of serenity to delve deep into introspection. As you draw your practice to a close, the aromatic embrace of the Mysore Sandalwood Incense provides a peaceful transition, grounding the experience. Finally, relish in the comforting embrace of the Balance Tea, its earthy and floral tones providing a soothing ritual to reflect and integrate your meditative insights. Each product, thoughtfully chosen, weaves together to support a complete, transformative experience.

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